Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Method ALL Kite

Method ALL Kite
Come train with the Method ALL Kites on Kite beach Dominican Republic.

The Method ALL Kite, bar and lines are simple, 5's + 5's plus 15's give you a combo of 6 kites:
# 1 = bar directly to kite - great for pre-waterstart teaching
#2 = kite on 5's great for giving new riders a "taste" of the power in a kite
#3 = kite on 10's (5's plus 5's) Super for teaching waterstarts
#4 = Kite on 15's great for riding and upwind riding
#5 = kite on 20's ( 15's + 5's) Super for lite wind or powered riding
#6 = kite on 25's Great for light winds, competitions or extreme air!

More about the ALL Kite
Most of a kite's range is in the length of lines it is flying on! Not many Coaches or riders understand this and they end up paying physical and monetary price! How is it that an entry level rider can be comfortably working on his waterstarts on a 12 meter kite while expert riders are powered on 12 meter kites? It simple, the new rider is using 10 to 15 meter lines.

Q. Help me with the math. How do you get six kites out of one kite?
A. Simple...The KITEs Adjustable Line Lengths allow riders to get the most out of their kites and the days wind. The lines lengths of 5m, 5m and 15m can be used on their own or easily be attached together to make 15m, 20m and 25m lines. This is like getting 5 free kites!

A 12 meter kite on 25 meter lines pulls harder for longer than the same kite on 20 meter lines or 15 meter lines or 10 meter lines.
1. 25 meter lines = full power 12 meter kite
2. 20 meter lines = 11 meter kite
3. 15 meter line = 10 meter kite
4. 10 meter lines = 9 meter kite
5. 5 meter lines = 7 meter kite
6. bar to kite = 5 meter kite

Most kites are sold competition ready, stuck on MAX Power all the time! The Method All Kite has years of proven experience behind it.

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