Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KITEs Method update 401

"'s not about the kite!"'s all about the lines and your method!

The discipline in kiting is to "park the kite and edge the board." Once riders learn how to "Park and Edge" up wind, they will become kiteboarders. Until they learn to park and edge, they are tea baggers.

Kiteboarding is a Pass Fail sport! Kiteboarders chase wind, when they find it, they need to have the Line Lengths and experience to deal with strong wind and waves.

For more about the KITEs Method, check out or train with Premiere Coach and the author of the KITEs Method, John Holzhall. This is an opportunity to gain insight few riders have. Learn safer, faster and develop skills the "pack" will be envious of. John trains Coaches and Riders of every level daily at the Method Lodge, Kite Beach Dominican Republic.


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