Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Learn to Kite Book 4 is almost here

How to Kite, Book 4" is almost available in the Apple store...this one is an ebook, 200 pages and will cost about 3 dollars...for more about the book check it http://methodlodge.com/learn-to-kite-book-4-almost-ready
This how to kite book is the safest way to teach and the quickest way to learn. If you are interested in becoming a KITEs Method Coach, please contact us at methodlodge@gmail.com

Learning to kite surf is fun and easy when riders follow the KITEs Method, if you would like to learn the KITEs Method on the Kite Beach with the Author, please contact us methodlodge@gmail.com

here is a page from the book


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