Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Big Down winders, things you should carry

How to do a Big Downwinder... kitesmethod.com
Don´t even think about doing Big Downwinders if you don´t have a Signal Mirror, a Kite Knife, Water and Multiple Line Lengths. Lite travels...if you are out in the deep blue and the wind shuts down you can signal a long way with a tiny mirror. People often think about using a kite knife if they tangle with another kiter...the reality is you will probably use it to cut your lines if one breaks. With a kite knife, a kiter who breaks a line can easily cut, retie and get back on the water. Multiple line Lengths give you range just before take off as well as along the trip. Of course riders should have a good camel pack as well as a water bag with a credit card and a bit of cash just in case. For more on advanced kiting check out the book on kitesmethod.com or the itunes store

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