Monday, September 29, 2014

FAQ´s how to Kite Board, kite Lessons

  1. Q.Paul from the big island...long time windsurfer beginner kiter. I have had lessons, and read your book (excellent by the way) and I'm needing shorter lines.
  2. I have a Waroo 15 M (25 meter lines) and a GK Trixx 12 M also with 25 meter lines.
  3. A. Go with the lengths of 5m + 5m + 15m...this will give you 5 kite options per kite
  4. Here is more:
    Most of a kite's range is in the length of lines it is flying on! Not many riders understand this and they end up paying physical and monetary price! How is it that an entry level rider can be comfortably working on his waterstarts on a 12 meter kite while expert riders are powered on the same 12 meter kites? Its simple, the new rider is using 15 meter lines.
  5. Q. Help me with the math. How do you get six kites out of one kite?
  6. A. Simple...The lines lengths of 5m, 5m and 15m can be used on their own or easily be attached together to make 15m, 20m and 25m lines. This is like getting 5 free kites!
  7. A 12 meter kite on 25 meter lines pulls harder for longer than the same kite on 20 meter lines or 15 meter lines or 10 meter lines.
  8. 1. 25 meter lines = full power 12 meter kite, great for lite winds, big air or radical action.
  9. 2. 20 meter lines = 11 meter kite, Super for strong winds and wave riding
  10. 3. 15 meter line = 10 meter kite. Great when learning water starts, or handling strong winds
  11. 4. 10 meter lines = 9 meter kite. Good for learning kite control.
  12. 5. 5 meter lines = 7 meter kite. Super for learning kite control and management.
  13. 6. bar to kite = 5 meter kite. Teach your friends on your kite. It is a great sport, share it!
  14. Q. Can I cut down some old lines that I'm not using?
  15. A. I cut lines all the is the process:
  16. Cutting Lines:
  17. Attached is an image of the Method Universal Knot. This is the knot you want to make at the end of every line
  18. Step #1 : Remove lines from bar
  19. Step #2 : Hook lines on a nail
  20. Step #3 : Cut to desired length
  21. Loop and Knot:
  22. Step #4 : Stick the end of the line between thumb and fore finger...then wrap the line over the fingers to the first line between your wrist and hand.
  23. Step#5 : Tie an over hand knot
  24. Step #6 : Tie a figure 8 knot at the end of the loop
  25. Step #7 : Repeat the process on the other lines

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