Monday, November 11, 2013

Kiteboarding Instructor´s Course

What is the difference between the KITEs Method and the other Certifications?

 1. Physics, in the KITEs Method we use every line length. Every length has a value.  New riders start out with 3 meter lines of less...the reasoning is that new riders need to make their mistakes in a fun safe way. If a new rider can´t keep their kite in the air, there is no point attempting the Water Start.

2. Upwind. It is important to teach new riders to go upwind before they try to Waterstart. It is easy to do and once the new rider can stay upwind, the Instructor can actually ride with them. If new riders can´t go upwind, they are simply Tea Bagging and the instructor has no choice but to chase the new rider down the beach.
This and much more are all in the latest KITEs Method Book available in the itunes store. 

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