Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kite Boarding Instructor´s Course; Beach Pressure

Traditionally Kite Schools took up a lot of room. They launched upwind and dragged down wind. Almost all of us learned this way, but times have changed and with the KITEs Method, it is possible to limit the amount of down wind runs by teaching new riders how to Park the Kite and Edge Upwind prior to the Waterstart.  Why does this matter?
1. Relieves beach pressure
2. Easier on the Instructor
3. Easier on the Student
4. Teaches the new rider to Park and Edge instead of Tea Bagging.

Now becoming a KITEs Method Certified Instructor is easier than ever. If you are currently Certified and want to convert to the KITEs Method, the process is fun and easy. All our Courses are online as well as in the "Class Room". Simply contact us to start to get KITEs Method Certified! 

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 Come see us at the Method Lodge on Kite Beach, Cabarete, Dominican Republic for lessons or to Get Certified

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