Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kite courses, Big Wave Riding

Kiteboarding courses
Kiteboarding courses
I am going to be painfully honest, there are Kiteboarders (85%)  Wave Riders, (10%) Big Wave Riders (4.9 %) and Huge Wave Riders (.01%)
Huge Wave Riders like Niccolo Porcella are "Native Watermen"...they didn´t come from other sports like Baseball or Foosbal, they grew up in the Ocean . They are prepared and trained, they know what they are getting into.  Huge wave riding should be left to Native Watermen. With that said a percentage of Kiters ride Big Waves. When riding big waves you have to avoid the Mummy Wrap!
The Mummy Wrap happens when kiters drop their kites in big surf. Here is a general break down:
1. The rider crashes first, the wave propels him toward the kite.
2. The kite crashes and the lines slack.
3. The rider gets tumbled and turned by the wave.
4. The lines wrap around the rider
5. The Wave hits the kite and tensions the lines...Mummy Wrap.
how to kite

Best way to avoid the Mummy Wrap is don´t drop the kite! If you do drop the kite in the surf, make sure
you avoid the lines by diving through the power of the wave. If you get caught in the lines you need to cut your way out with a kite knife or yank on the line which has the most tension in hopes of flagging the kite.
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